POVs on the Peninsula

Updated June 18, 2018

Quick FAQ’s


Parking is an art form here in South Korea and it is polite to have a phone number tag in your windshield. It’s better to get a phone call than to be towed.

  • Vehicles are driven on the same side of the road (right) as America.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents occur more frequently here so auto insurance is much higher. 
  • SM and dependents may drive without a USFK driver’s license for up to 30 days after landing in Korea. Be sure to have a copy of pinpoint orders in the vehicle at all times.
  • The most popular Auto Insurance are USAA, Geico (request their special military department) and Korea’s AIG.
  • If the POV will be driven off post a lot, it’s a good idea to put a good contact phone number in the windshield. It is courteous and it can prevent you from getting towed in case you parked in the wrong spot. Phone number tags can be bought at Daiso’s, grocery stores, office supply depots, craft stores etc.
  • Single Service Members are not authorized a vehicle. They rely upon the shuttle buses, taxes and bumming rides off their friends. This may change as time goes on so double check with Army Community Service and Unit Commanders.
  • Command Sponsored SM and their families may have one vehicle shipped and dependents can receive a USFK driver’s license. A second vehicle will require an exception to policy letter.
  • Non-Command Sponsored SM and their families, E-6 and below, must receive an exception to policy letter to own a vehicle and obtain a USFK driver’s license. Please go to the Command Sponsorship vs Non Command Sponsorship Matrix for more information.
  • All vehicles must be registered at DBIDS and at the Pyeongtaek DMV.
    • The Pyeongtaek DMV is in the One-Stop building when you inprocess. Please visit my page When the Plane Lands to better understand the process of picking up a car at Yongsan and registering it on and off post.

How to Obtain a USFK Driver’s License

  • A USFK Driver’s License is for SOFA members and is not the same as an international driver’s license. All USFK license holders must follow the SOFA rules for PoV’s (one car per family, no vehicles for unaccompanied solders, etc). SOFA rules change so head to the 8th Army website to learn more.
  • Sponsors and dependents must pass a written exam, a vision test (BRING YOUR GLASSES) and a reflex physical to obtain a USFK driver’s license.
  • Where to take the Driver’s Test
    • The location for the USFK Driver’s test has moved twice in two years so I won’t try to keep updating  the location, time or documentation here.  Ask around at the One-Stop Building, your unit, or Army Community Service to find out what you need to do to take a Driver’s Test.
  • Documents required for Dependents:
    • Documentation may change! A lot changes at Camp Humphreys so get the most up to date information from the TMP office. Ask Army Community Service or go to the One Stop Building to learn more about taking the driver’s test.
    • spouse-orientationa valid US state driver’s license/ a ROK driver’s license or an international drivers permit.
  • First part of the written exam consists of multiple choice questions. Some of the questions are quite specific regarding distances and speed so study hard!
  • The second part of the written exam is all road signs. Drive around Korea for a few days before taking the exam to become familiar with the street signs.
  • The reflex text and eye exam comes directly after passing the written exam. Any persons who failed the written portion of the exam will be asked to leave and come back next week. Only one private failed during my exam of 20 people. REMEMBER TO BRING PRESCRIPTION GLASSES! I was surprised how many people forgot their glasses.
  • Find the Study Guide at the 8th Army Korea Website:
    • Google: 8th Army Korea Driver’s Test
  • The following photo was taken in 2016 and is NOT up to date.
    • Use this photo as a guide when doing research before arriving to Korea. The biggest thing is to have a valid State Driver’s License so check your expiration in case you need to renew before leaving the states. Upon arrival, head to the One Stop building to learn more about obtaining a USFK driver’s License.


      Taken in 2017. NOT UP TO DATE. Use as a guide before arriving in Korea.


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