A look at Humphreys

A quick summary of Camp Humphreys and where it is located.

Dakgalbi – The Spicy Chicken You Didn’t Know you Needed!

Back in the states I ate Korean food 2-3 times a year. It was always very expensive and we ordered the same three dishes: Glass Noodles, Korean Pancake, Bibimbap and Spicy Pork. What a waste, there was so much more to Korean cuisine that we should have been enjoying. Outside of the Camp Humphrey’s gates, …

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South Korea is not a Nation of Straw Huts and Nuclear War

When we received our orders to South Korea my husband and I were ecstatic! We couldn’t imagine a more fitting overseas assignment for our family. We had both studied a years worth of Korean in the Army and 14 years later we still ate out at Korean restaurants, yelled at our kids in Korean (ballee …

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I’m ready!

Hello all! My name is Sig and I have wanted to start this blog for years now. I have been pushing it off for many reasons, the primary one being I had no idea what I wanted to talk about. I had many topics to discuss: – Board Games – Homeschooling Fun – Military Lifestyle …

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