My first Noraebang!

Mom asked me “You didn’t embarrass yourself, did you?” Does singing ‘Barbie Girl’ with the husband count as embarrassing?

Suwon Fortress Wall

Where I have a run in with a mannequin and eat spam soup.

Trash in South Korea

I have a love hate relationship with South Korea’s Trash system.

Order a Meal with One Word

Nay, nay….. nay. Eung….. Nay.

My Kids go to a Korean Elementary School and they Love it!

Are we crazy for sending our kids to a local Korean elementary school? Yes, yes we are.

Bureaucracy is Painful in Every Country You Go

I wonder if the world would stop rotating if long wait times and paperwork no longer existed? Getting an Alien Registration Card at the brand new Pyeongtaek office was a lot harder than I expected.

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