Pokemon Go: The Excuse We Need to Enjoy Korea

Let’s go catch Greninja at a Shrine!

Pokemon Go in South Korea

I need my Eevee, Korea!

Humphreys Transformation Website

Visit the Eighth Army Website for Newcomers information and updates on Construction.

The Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation- PIEF

I was reading about PIEF months before I arrived in Korea and when I arrived I wasn’t disappointed. They even took me to Everland for free!

Learn to Read Korean, Seriously

It only takes a week to figure out the Korean script.

The Relocation is in full swing

If you haven’t already, check out “A look at Humphreys” to learn what The Relocation is. It’s really happening! I have heard of families moving from Yongsan, Seoul to Camp Humphreys, Pyeongtaek and they are in for a surprise. It’s like moving from NYC to… I can’t think of a comparable city in New York …

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