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I don't intend to be a restaurant reviewer or anything. Please visit these other great websites to find all of your touring and eating needs.

Let’s Play Pokemon Go in Sokcho!

We did it! We drove all the way to Sokcho from Camp Humphreys just to play Pokemon Go! Why you ask?¬†We were due for a summer vacation and what’s better than hiking in a national park with Eevee, swimming at the beach with Magicarp, and riding scooters to Pokestops? Why Sokcho? Sokcho is the only …

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My first Noraebang!

Mom asked me “You didn’t embarrass yourself, did you?” Does singing ‘Barbie Girl’ with the husband count as embarrassing?

Suwon Fortress Wall

Where I have a run in with a mannequin and eat spam soup.

Dakgalbi – The Spicy Chicken You Didn’t Know you Needed!

Back in the states I ate Korean food 2-3 times a year. It was always very expensive and we ordered the same three dishes: Glass Noodles, Korean Pancake, Bibimbap and Spicy Pork. What a waste, there was so much more to Korean cuisine that we should have been enjoying. Outside of the Camp Humphrey’s gates, …

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