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Information on surviving and enjoying life on the Peninsula.

Why Should I Study Korean?

Topics Covered At Least Learn to Read Hangul. It’s Easy! Why Speaking Korean Could be Important Why it’s okay to NOT speak Korean Why everyone should learn to read Hangul It’s easy – Korean script, Hangul, is one of the most phonetic languages in the world. You won’t see tricky words like ‘through’ and ‘enough’. …

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Teaching English in South Korea

What Education Means to Korean Parents Success in Korea begins at the tender age of…. well being born. My friend is already talking about the preschools she has planned for her newborn and the Kindergarten’s that she has applied to. Korea mandated that all public Kindergartens are tuition free for citizens and that has created …

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South Korea: Straw Huts and Nuclear War?

  Want to skip the sales pitch and get to the details? Check out my Quick Facts here. South Korea isn’t What Everyone Thinks it is When we received our orders to South Korea my husband and I were ecstatic! We couldn’t imagine a more fitting overseas assignment for our family. We had both studied …

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South Korea

I am a really boring person. I play video games and board games, homeschool the kids and cook dinner and go on various field trips. It’s a very straightforward lifestyle without too much excitement. When I moved to South Korea, I gained a sliver of an adventurous spirit and my family and I have jumped …

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I’m ready!

Hello all! My name is Sig and I have wanted to start this blog for years now. I have been pushing it off for many reasons, the primary one being I had no idea what I wanted to talk about. I had many topics to discuss: – Board Games – Homeschooling Fun – Military Lifestyle …

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