Living in Korea

Music Hagwons near Camp Humphreys

If you haven’t already, first read my post on “What is a Hagwon and What you can expect as a Foreigner!”  Music 음악 Like TaeKwonDo’s, there are lots of Piano Hagwons in Paengseong. Some of them also offer recorder, bamboo flute and ocarina lessons as well. Most of the Hagwons target younger Read more…

By Sig, ago
Camp Humphreys

What is a Hagwon and What to Expect?

I started a project to give Humphreys residents, especially families, more options for their education, personal enrichment and daycare needs beyond the main gate. Camp Humphreys is in a state of massive transition and until the dust settles from all the construction and movement of units, families are feeling the strain. Read more…

By Sig, ago
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