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What to expect from your Sponsor

First Impressions are Important There is nothing more important than first impressions. We all know what it’s like to get ready for our first job interview. You have to change your  shirt 10 times, double check you have all your paperwork and just as you go into the interview room, you wipe your sweaty palms …

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What’s in a name? Camp Humphreys or K6?

What is Camp Humphreys Called? When you first get to Humphreys you are going to notice a discrepancy. Some call it Camp Humphreys, some call it USAG Humphreys and when you talk to the locals they keep saying K-6. So, what should you call the soon to be biggest post in the Asia-Pacific region? What do Americans …

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What is a Hagwon and What to Expect?

I started a project to give Humphreys residents, especially families, more options for their education, personal enrichment and daycare needs beyond the main gate. Camp Humphreys is in a state of massive transition and until the dust settles from all the construction and movement of units, families are feeling the strain. As of March, 2017, this …

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Humphreys’ ACS: Filling the Job Gap and Improving Volunteer Opportunities

Humphreys’ is a small and growing city built up upon below-sea-level rice paddy fields with, towering apartments, impressive headquarter buildings and wide open roadways. There is a lot of change and momentum here so I find myself stumbling into something new and exciting everyday. I don’t even try, I just walk around and find a …

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So, You Want to Send your Kids to a Korean School

I am stationed in South Korea with my Family, can my Children go to an offpost School? According to the Korean Education Act, all foreigners are welcome in Korean schools. However, a school may deny new students for many reasons such as class sizes, finances, district lines etc and each school has its own regulations …

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Filing Taxes as Military Personnel at Camp Humphreys, Korea

Disclaimer: I do not prepare taxes for a living and I do not have a degree in tax law! The following is a guide on what differences I personally found for filing out my returns here in Korea as a USFK active duty family member. Please use the services at your local legal office and have a …

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