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Sig Flips the Table is Moving!

I hate to say it but the dreaded axe has fallen and I moved from South Korea in January of 2018. I wanted to stay but it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, I’ve decided to go back to college and to get a career started for myself here in the states. That means its time …

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In-Processing South Korea

As of January, 2018, all personnel will now in-process Korea through Camp Humphreys. The 8th Army Website has an extremely detailed and awesome page for new arrivals.  When I arrived in South Korea on January, 2016, I was fully unprepared for how stressful in-processing would be. Websites I read said there would be no space …

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NEO in Korea – How to Prep and Chill

  When I landed in Korea on a cold January morning, I was overwhelmed in my first week with all of the new concepts and terminology thrown my way! The Ville, Expats, KNP’s, Katusa’s, USFK, on the economy, and a long list of Korean words for restaurants and foods. Then someone sent me an email …

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Humphreys’ Town Hall September

This is my third Humphreys’ Town Hall and it was so different than the rest! The atmosphere was bubbly and positive. There were more laughs and even though it was a formal gathering, everyone felt very relaxed and at home. This was easily one of the most well attended Town Halls and the questions from …

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Maps of Popular Villages near Humphreys

Whew! I can’t believe how many hours it takes to do the research and execute these maps. When I lived in the states, I would get so lost on highways that I’d stop driving and call someone to come find me. But for some reason, moving to Korea has motivated me to figure out where …

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What to expect from USFK Realtors

It’s no secret that the little town of Paengseong, specifically the village of Anjeong-ri, is inundated with realty offices. I tried to count all of them on a Naver maps but many of the offices have opened up in the past 6 months and weren’t there yet. Naver simply can’t keep up. New USFK Personnel …

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