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What to expect from your Sponsor

First Impressions are Important There is nothing more important than first impressions. We all know what it’s like to get ready for our first job interview. You have to change your  shirt 10 times, double check you have all your paperwork and just as you go into the interview room, you wipe your sweaty palms …

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What’s in a name? Camp Humphreys or K6?

What is Camp Humphreys Called? When you first get to Humphreys you are going to notice a discrepancy. Some call it Camp Humphreys, some call it USAG Humphreys and when you talk to the locals they keep saying K-6. So, what should you call the soon to be biggest post in the Asia-Pacific region? What do Americans …

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Pokemon World Festival 2017 at Incheon 포켓몬 월드 페스티벌

What is the Pokemon World Festival 포켓몬월드페스티벌 and what the heck is Triple Street? Instagram to Pokestore Photos. The Pokemon World Festival is an adorable celebration of Pokemon as well as a grand opening event for the Triple Street outdoor mall in Incheon, South Korea. The mall is decorated with cardboard cutouts and banners and there …

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Earth Day Pyeongtaek is here!

How Earth Day Pyeongtaek got started In a hurry? Skip the story and scroll down for details about Earth Day Pyeongtaek.  I love Earth Day. I mean, of course everyone loves Earth Day, you are a monster if you don’t but hear me out. I love Earth Day because it makes me feel less guilty …

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Using the 20-Bus from Humphreys to Pyeongtaek

I’m so happy, I finally did it! I made 20-Bus maps.Why did I make these maps? I’ve been here a year and I had no idea you could get to the Three Story Daiso or Lotte Mart from the 20-Bus until a month ago. Why didn’t I know that? Cause I’m lazy and I wait …

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Tutoring Hagwons near Camp Humphreys

  If you haven’t already, first read my post on “What is a Hagwon and What you can expect as a Foreigner!” Tutoring I feel like I hit the jackpot when I found a math tutoring Hagwon with an English speaker. I didn’t expect this, tutoring was going to be the hardest school to find for …

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