Sig Flips the Table is Moving!

I hate to say it but the dreaded axe has fallen and I moved from South Korea in January of 2018. I wanted to stay but it wasn’t meant to be.

Instead, I’ve decided to go back to college and to get a career started for myself here in the states. That means its time to say goodbye to the Sig Flips the Table website. But don’t worry, the wonderful Ashlie, a friend of mine who was kind enough to continue running the incredible Paengseong Language Exchange, volunteered to coordinate a community blogging website and I will be transferring all of my posts over. 

Please go check out the brand new Beyond the Ville community blog:

Ashlie has so many plans for the website and the Beyond the Ville community. If you are interested in joining her as a blogger or fellow explorer, send her a message right away!

The website needs traffic, please subscribe to get notifications on new blog posts and like the new Facebook page. Every click and comment helps the website get the attention of Google and other search engines. With enough traffic, newcomers and foreigners in South Korea will be able to easily find the amazing information they need over on Beyond the Ville.

Leave testimonials! How did Beyond the Ville improve your life here in South Korea? Was it the language exchange, the restaurants posts or all of the advice? Go to the website and leave a shoutout to a specific blogger or article that really helped out. Leave a review on the new Facebook page, too! The bloggers there receive no compensation for their hard work other than the kind words of others, so show the love and let them know you care.

This is a FREE website so there may be some Google adsense advertisements.

“But Sig, it doesn’t cost that much a month to get rid of advertisements or to get a new domain name!”

That’s true, but there is a new goal with Beyond the Ville. It will be much more than a website, it will be a community. As each volunteer finishes their time in South Korea, they will hand over the reins of Beyond the Ville to the next fantastic individual who is ready to charge ahead and discover more about the people and areas that make this place such a wonder to live in. I’ve checked out the platform and it’s very easy and simple to use. Instead of fiddling with plugins and scripts, new volunteers can spend their time blogging, running local events and researching (read: eating and exploring to their hearts content).

“What about Sig Flips the Table?!”

It’s true, the Sig Flips the Table website will be gone as of January 1st but all of the content is already chilling over at Beyond the Ville. I am in the process of cleaning up links and updating posts there. Just click on my name in categories to find all of my posts. Don’t worry, I will still be around. Only the apocalypse could take the internet and Facebook away from me. Feel free to leave me comments on the new website, I’ll answer them, or send me a message on FB.

Going to do everything I can to at least come back and visit!

With that note, the Facebook page will remain up and I encourage new readers to check it out. It’s full of a years worth of love and exploring, you will learn so much before moving here just from the videos and posts.

I already miss Korea so much. I had to go to an Asian market the other day to get my Korean food fix. If you are there now or are planning to move to Korea soon, I wish you the best and I hope you find at least one thing to make it a wonderful place for you and your family. I’ll be over here in the states being super jelly and planning a not so near in the future vacation to go back and visit all the friends I had made.

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