Humphreys’ Town Hall September

This is my third Humphreys’ Town Hall and it was so different than the rest! The atmosphere was bubbly and positive. There were more laughs and even though it was a formal gathering, everyone felt very relaxed and at home. This was easily one of the most well attended Town Halls and the questions from Facebook was a huge stack of cards. I was surprised by the good humor and the positive experience, I hope to see many more informational meetings like this!

Important Dates

Commisarry Sidewalk Sale – September 15, 16 and 17

DPW will shut off AC – September 29

Oktoberfest at the Flightline – September 30

Event will run from 1500-2200 and someone mentioned that they were opening up the backdoor so everyone can swim at Splish and Splash for free. How cool would that be?

Korean Holiday – September 30 – October 10

This year, a temporary holiday was created on Monday, October 2nd, for Koreans to enjoy an amazing ten days of uninterrupted federal holiday. This means 80% of the workforce on Humphreys will be on vacation. The One-Stop will do its best to be open the week of but there will be limited hours. Stay tuned to the Garrison Notes and AFN for more details. CIF will be closed for Chuseok. Please plan around the holiday for in and out-processing. All shuttle buses on post will be on a holiday schedule. Times posted at each stop.

Road Conditions Red for Holiday – October 3-9

Consider staying off the roads during Chuseok.

Homecoming Parade at Humphreys Schools – October 13

NEO Exercise – October 16-27

Double Check your NEO binders and follow your FRG Facebook pages for more information on the NEO exercise.

Fall Fest – October 29

Hunter Hayes will be coming.


DPW will turn on the heat – November 27


Food Court at the new PX – October 30, 2017

Opening of the new PX – November 20, 2017

There will be a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and lots of giveaways, prizes and gift cards. Someone from Gas Monkey will be there, I didn’t know who they meant but I am sure you all do.

Shearwater Bowling Center – March 16, 2018

I inquired about an indoor play place at the new bowling alley and I received the following:

“The bowling center is projected to be equipped with an indoor playground and redemption machines for young and old. Both of these areas of the bowling center are in the design of the facility. But we are still waiting for ROK funding approval for a majority of the equipment in the building to include those two areas of entertainment.”

Make sure you call it a Bowling Center, not alley!

Humphreys Transformation

Does anyone else see a SPLASH PAD?! I might end up living in the new downtown. I’ll be a bum sleeping under a bench and eating Texas Roadhouse for breakfast.

Texas Roadhouse – TBA

MWR said the contract is 90% done so everyone is pretty sure we are getting a Texas Roadhouse. Almost positive. Like, 90% positive.

New Library across from the Highschool – March 31, 2018

Gas Station across from the High School – Summer 2018

Gas Station near 8th Army HQ – End of 2018

Hospital – 2020 or December 2019

There were a lot of good-natured laughs when a December 2019 date was mentioned. Colonel Mueller gave a quick history of the hospital and how the need for American standards when building the facility had slowed everything to a halt. Last year, the Humphreys team took the Korean contractors to a hospital being built in Fort Bliss so that they could see the skeleton of the building before the walls were up. Construction is moving more smoothly now and everyone is hopeful with the new date. Until then, download the BACH app to find Tricare approved hospitals in the area.

Commissary – Early Summer – No exact Date



It’s amazing, but TWO brand new schools opened up at Camp Humphreys this year, Humphreys West Elementary and Humphreys Middle School. I can’t imagine what it took for the DODEA team to get four schools ready this year but so far it’s been a great success. They mentioned that they had 200 more students than previously expected and are working to hire more teachers and get more resources to accommodate. The team accounted for all the new families from Yongsan and overseas so they were surprised to see that in a school population of 1400, 200 of them came from thin air. Good on them for persevering and making it work!


Humphreys Transformation

The library is so pretty on the outside and I heard the conical structure is a fun reading area for the kids.

Use the BACH app to find Tricare approved hospitals in the area. There are extended hours for the weekends coming soon and extended hours in the evening. Sorry I didn’t jot them down, the soldier talked really fast but be sure to follow AFN for updates.

Flu Season – Get your Flu Shots!

  • October 26 – 0800-1200 Humphreys Fitness Center aka Super Gym
  • November 8 – 0800-1200 Humphreys Elementary Schools
  • November 9 – 0800-1200 Humphreys Middle and Highschool.
  • November 16 – 0800-1200 Humphreys Fitness Center aka Super Gym


If you AIP’ed, be sure to update your new DEROS in DBID’s. It’s not automatic. Register your bikes! The gentleman mentioned how he is flooded with un-registered bikes. All bikes on the Korean peninsula must be registered with DBIDS and the ones on post are at risk of being confiscated. Even little kid bikes. Get your bike registered!


The Poultry Embargo is over! Expect to see more poultry products in mid-September.


LRC – Logistics Readines Center – Shuttle Buses

Why are there no buses going to the schools or the new PX from lodging and old PX?

The buses are meant to get soldiers to and from work as per contract. Getting buses out to the new PX or the schools isn’t possible at this time and they can’t get to every facility on post. As new facilities open, there will be new bus stops within walking distance of these locations. LRC will go back and see what changes can be made to improve the trip for families staying in lodging and for employees of the PX who are trying to help stock the new PX across post. There may be a possibility of opening up a paid bus system for 50cents a trip that would go to every facility on post but that is a project for another time.

Is there a way to simplify the time charts?

The answer was yes. They have personnel riding and timing the buses to ensure efficiency but I don’t think the LRC representative had any plans to simplify the charts down to something as easy as “Every 15 minutes.”

Why can’t the blue-route go this way and the red-route go that way with the green-route over here?

This question was a bit convoluted and hard to address in a public gathering but suffice it to say that LRC works really hard to make as efficient a route as they can. Right now the Red and Blue buses follow the exact same route but go in opposite directions and the Green route picks up any bus stops missed by the other two.

Why are the buses cutting cars off at corners? Is there not enough space?

Yes, many of the older roads are not built for the new large shuttle buses. All cars should be prepared to stop early to allow a bus to make the turn out of a narrow roadway.

Let’s help each other out and give the buses space. I know the drivers really appreciate it when I stop 20ft before a stop sign to give them enough space to pull out, although I think the people behind me get really mad that I stopped so early. Whoops, can’t make them all happy!

Why aren’t there more shuttle buses available during the day to go to Yongsan?

Right now, there is a free commuter bus to Yongsan from 0700-0800 and 1600-1800 for uniformed service members who commute between Yongsan and Humphreys. Non-uniformed persons can use this bus on a Space Available basis. There is a paid bus available that has more hours for Yongsan and that is the one non-uniformed persons should be using.

CDC – Child Development Center

When will the CDC’s be ready?

They are ready now! Both CDC’s are open and hourly care is back.


DES – Directory of Emergency Services 

Bicycles keep running red lights and stop signs. How can we stop that?

All bicycles should be following the same rules as motor vehicles. If an MP sees them they will be reprimanded or ticketed if need be.

Are there standards for window tinting?

I have personally seen hoopties with windows so black that people had to scrape some off in order to see their rear view mirrors well. So far there are no regulations for window tinting at Camp Humphreys.

Can Dashcam footage be used to report violators?

At this time, there is no standard for reporting with dash cams but if a license plate is reported with a violation, the MP’s will call and talk to the driver.

TMC – The Medical Clinic

When will they open enrollment for the Tricare Plus Program again? 

Humphreys Transformation

This Arts and Crafts Center looks huge!

In reference to retirees, there are no plans in the near future to open enrollment but they are working on a new program to increase medical access through the new Warrior for Life Program. Expect more details to come out in October. For now, 90%+ of people who call for Space Available appointments will be seen. It’s been great so far and he was very positive that people who needed care were getting it.

MWR – Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Hours for the Humphreys Fitness Center were shortened and there isn’t enough equipment at the Sitman gym. When will the super gym open early again?

MWR has only so many hours allocated in the budget for keeping the gyms on post open. There are 4 gyms at Humphreys and MWR finds the busiest times for each gym through people signing in at the gym and ICE cards. Every 90 days, MWR re-evaluates the schedule through the feedback they receive and moves gym hours around if need be. In other words, if you want the gym to be opened at a certain hour, send in ICE cards to the correct gym and MWR will look into it.

Many of the treadmills in the Fitness Center/ Super Gym have little malfunctions here and there with screen display problems or just aren’t working. Can these be looked at?

Right away!

There are no facilities for highschoolers to exercise in as they prepare for sports. Can 14-16 year olds use the Gyms on post? 

Current policy says no one under the age of 16 is allowed in the gym without supervision. There are no plans to change the policy at this time. Colonel Mueller took this time to mention that they are aware the SKIES program is still too small to assist all the youth on Humphreys and they know highschoolers need gym equipment and there needs to be more classes like gymnastics, dance and martial arts available. All the past week, he and his team have been discussing extensively how to remedy this and help the SKIES program grow. Be patient, they are working on it.

Since there were no fireworks at the Fourth of July, will there be any at all this year?

For the past 7-9 years since fireworks have been coming to Camp Humphreys, almost every year they’ve needed to be canceled because of Monsoon season. This is the first year that Humphreys bought Fireworks insurance and because of that, there are no physical fireworks sitting somewhere waiting to be shot off. Next year, there are plans to have fireworks for an Army Birthday Bash in the spring rather than hoping the Monsoon rains will be kind this year. Col. Mueller admitted he was the one who had cancelled fireworks on a beautiful sunny day, that got a chuckle from everyone. I would love to see fireworks next spring, though!

When will the Golf Course Open?

Poor Mr. Mackenzie, Colonel Mueller’s Deputy, was quick to say, “Last September (sigh).” More laughs again. It was a seriously fun Town Hall that night! It looks like the Golf course won’t open until March-June, 2018.

Why is there no transportation available for Sure Start? This is hard on Dual-Military. 

The question wasn’t detailed enough and the MWR rep suggested that the person call and ask and so that she could better understand the situation being presented.

Humphreys Transformation

MWR printed these posters of upcoming facilities. They were really well done.

Traffic Patterns and Parking – Answered by multiple people

Need Traffic Lights at the Main Gate and at the bridge between the schools and the Super Gym Traffic Circle. 

With most of the roads now open, Humphreys is ready for a new traffic pattern survey, with the last one being conducted in 2012. When everyone brought up the hazards associated with the four way near the Chapel and TMC, the garrison put in a four-way stop and traffic improved significantly in the area. And everyone knows that the 15mph speed limit near the schools is frustrating when it’s not school hours or no kids are visible. With a traffic survey and your ICE comment cards, expect lots of changes soon to improve the flow of traffic on post.

There is not enough parking at the One Stop and 8th Army HQ.

The garrison already foresaw that parking was going to be a major problem at Humphreys and that is why the Exception to Policy for a second vehicle is so strict. Be patient, more parking is coming.

There are motorcycles and scooters parking in bike lanes and bike parking spots. Is there any enforcement planned?

As more parking becomes available this will become less of a problem but right now garrison will look into adding enforcement in problem areas.

The Crosswalk at the Super Gym still has taxis parking on it and the post for the sky bridge blocks the view of drivers from seeing people on the crosswalk.

The Garrison will look into this again.

The Traffic Circle now has yield signs but no one is following them. What is being done to enforce this?

Traffic Circles are not common in Korea or America, not everyone understands how they work. The Garrison will work on ways of improving education on the use of traffic circles.


Is there a way to do the volunteer application once on post rather than filling out a new packet for each department and needing fingerprinting and background checks for each? 

Garrison is working on it but the answer is yes, soon.


When can we extend the hours for the Gas Station?

With the budget, AAFES has to evaluate busiest and least busiest hours for the facility and adjust accordingly. Stan mentioned that he noticed Sunday mornings are quite busy and they will be evaluating the hours again.

What will become of the old PX when the new one opens?

The Food court and troop mall will remain and the old PX will be split into two. Half of it will be a private dental clinic, great for non-uniformed personnel needing care. The other half will be a Super express that acts like a miniature PX. There will be plenty of food and houseware options.

Will the DFAC in the 6000 block re-open?

Humphreys Transformation

I am almost 90% I am going to die for Sweet Butter Rolls

Unless there is a need, there is not enough use right now of DFAC’s to warrant re-opening this one.


There is not enough variety in the Commissary, its’ the same thing day after day. Can we see the master list of items and order from it or ask for these items to be included?

The Commissary manager always makes me chuckle. He is a gruff, old soldier man and his answers are to the point and short. I appreciate his candor but I can tell he rubs people the wrong way. His answer was No, the master list can never be handed out and there are severe limits on what can be shipped overseas. If you have an item you want to see on store shelves, make a request in the store and your request will be sent all the way up the chain to DECA. It’s a long, bureaucratic process so it will take awhile.

My personal suggestion is try to the markets offpost. The open air market on the 3’s and 8’s of the month have a huge variety of food and the grocery stores in Paengseong are top notch. I love shopping offpost for variety and new things to eat.

Why is there food on the shelves that have an expiration date for the next day?

The Commisarry is mandated to sell any food that is not yet expired. As long as food is frozen before it’s expiration date, it is perfectly good to eat for up to a year. So the food is still good, just freeze it. Mr. Mackenzie was not very comfortable with that answer.

ACP’s – Access Control Points

When will the Dongcha-ri and Quarry gate open?

Both gates are either complete or near completion but there needs to be a contract to finish the Knee Walls at each gate. Thankfully someone clarified that a Knew Wall is the barrier to stop large vehicles from ramming the gates and since there is a CDC near one of the gates, it’s imperative all security measures are installed before opening the gates. Expect both to open in 3-6 months.

Will there be more pedestrian options at the ACP’s?

Only ACP’s that are built with a pedestrian gate can be used by pedestrians.

Closing Remarks

General Smith stood up and expressed her surprise and gratitude with the participation of the night. She was happy to see that the questions were all heading int he right directions and presented problems that the garrison is actively working on. In October, General Vandal is interested in hosting a Transformation Town Hall to help get everyone up to speed.

Colonel Mueller wanted everyone to know that the team has been working diligently on every issue and that with all of the jumps and hurdles, Humphreys was coming along and things are constantly improving.





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    • Dan Robledo on October 28, 2017 at 11:50 am
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    When is the next Humphrey’s town hall? Similar to the September Town Hall?

      • Sig on October 28, 2017 at 12:37 pm
      • Reply

      Humphreys’ Town Hall Meetings are quarterly so expect the next one to be in January. Follow the U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Facebook page for more information. General Vandal will be hosting an 8th Army Transformation Town hall in December. The date is still to be decided.

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