Maps of Popular Villages near Humphreys

Whew! I can’t believe how many hours it takes to do the research and execute these maps. When I lived in the states, I would get so lost on highways that I’d stop driving and call someone to come find me. But for some reason, moving to Korea has motivated me to figure out where I live and to better understand the roads and towns here. Scroll down to see my maps of popular villages located near Camp Humphreys.

So Anjeong-ri, Songwha-ri and Gaeksa-ri are villages?

Below, I’ve created maps for the three popular villages(-ri) right outside of Humphreys. My goal is for everyone to better understand where they live so that they can easily explain locations to their friends, Korean or Foreign. Understanding the municipality hierarchy in Korea is not easy, I tried to study it in Language Exchange and my Korean friends broke my brain trying to explain to me how the designations at the end of words refer to the population size. Suffice it to say, the words that are tagged at the end of a name often indicates the number of people living there. Paengseong used to be Paengseong-myeon until it was promoted to -eup in 1979. 

Here is an easy explanation for the articles at the end of place names and their pronunciations:

-si (she) –  means city but in Korea it acts more like a county that holds many towns. In the states, you can say you are from Washington, DC but you would need to specify if you live in Bethesda, Silver Springs, Georgetwon, etc. So imagine that Pyeongtaek is a county the size of Washington, DC (it’s HUGE) and that will help you better understand where we live. 

-eup, -dong, -myeon, etc – There are a lot of terms meaning towns and neighborhoods. Don’t worry exactly why one area gets a different article than another, it’s all about population and not really the point of this article. Just know that these designations refer to an area inside a city. Camp Humphreys is located in the town of Paengseong-eup in the city (county) of Pyeongtaek-si. 

-ri (ree) , -tong, -ban – These little villages and hamlets are often inside of a town. That’s not exact but again, the administrative divisions can be difficult to understand. Remember, villages are very small and are useful when giving accurate directions to a location. 

Read more about Administrative Divisions in Korea here on Wikipedia. 

Do you know which villages in Paengseong these popular locations are in?

Korea Mart aka Orange Mart – Gaeksa-ri

Lotteria – Gaeksa-ri

Jump Nori – Gaeksa-ri

Topresso – Songwha-ri

Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation (PIEF) – Songwha-ri

Art Camp – Anjeong-ri

Brownstone Apts – Anjeong-ri

3/8 Market St – Anjeong-ri

Riverside Apartments – Wonjeong-ri

Rex Village – Daesa-ri

The town of Paengseong has more villages than I was willing to count. If you are high up in Brownstone Apartments, you can see Acetown, Oscarville apts, Riverside apts, each of which is in a different village. Villages are tiny and their borders can be hard to discern but it’s important to know which village you live in or where businesses are located so you won’t be lost again. If someone says, “It’s located up in Songwha-ri” then you know the business is about a 5 minute drive from the Humphreys Main gate.

How did you get this information, Sig?

I made these maps using Naver. Anyone can find the outline for villages, towns and cities for Korea, it’s super easy. Go to Naver Maps, and paste the hangul for the place you are looking for and you will get an outline. Go ahead, try it now. Copy and Paste this into the Naver Map Search Bar to see the outline for Paengseong.


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Everyone is welcome to use these maps, I only ask that larger organizations to please send me a message first before printing or sharing over a wide audience. Do not use these maps for profit or sales. Some of the maps are large so I apologize for slow download speeds.

I live entirely off of your comments. I am a blogger for fun so please leave me a message if you found these helpful.


Updated January 18, 2018

Humphreys maps anjeongri songwhari gaeksari the ville usfk

Map of Paengseong with general information about each village.

Humphreys maps anjeongri songwhari gaeksari the ville usfk

Map of Anjeong-ri and important locations.

Humphreys maps anjeongri songwhari gaeksari the ville usfk

Map of Gaeksa-ri and Songwha-ri with important locations.



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