Sosabeol – A New Neighborhood for a Night on the Town

Say Hello to Sosabeol 소사벌, the New Hot Spot for a Date Night or to Enjoy an Evening with Friends

Have you noticed all the new construction lately? I don’t mean just Camp Humphreys. The surrounding area is surging in growth and it feels like new neighborhoods are popping up overnight in Asan and Pyeongtaek. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Sosabeol Commercial District, about 5 minutes north of NewCore Outlet. Have you heard of the JnJ Art Convention? It’s a wedding hall that some units use for their military balls about 5 minutes from Newcore Outlet Mall. The surrounding area, known as the Sosabeol Commercial District, has blossomed into an urban wonderland of restaurants and entertainment. It feels like it came out of nowhere, I don’t remember seeing this many businesses when I visited last fall. Even now as customers enjoy the night life they will find themselves stepping carefully around powertools on the sidewalks and peering into freshly painted stores as they are being renovated for new shops and restaurants.

Sosabeol Archery

Friends don’t shoot friends in the back with arrows

When navigating Sosaebol, the roundabout marks the center of the district and visitors will be surprised to find that the entire commercial region is quite small. It takes less than 10 minutes to walk its length and that’s if you are dragging your feet. Regardless, it’s packed with enough entertainment and restaurants to make this the neat, new place to visit for months to come. It’s impossible to see and enjoy everything in just a few visits and new businesses are opening every weekend so there is always something to come back and see.


Sosabeol is a Foodies Mecca

Everything from Italian pasta to the Korean pork classic Samgyeopsal can be found here and everything needs to be tried. Sure, you can give those big flashy restaurants right in the center of Sosabeol at the roundabout a try but the really good food is hidden away inside tall buildings or in alleyways off the main road. I tried a Bossam restaurant inauspiciously tucked away on a second floor and they put out enough banchan to cover the entire table. I felt like I was drowning in side dishes, there wasn’t even space to put down my chopsticks and the rice came out sizzling in hot pots like a bibimbap. I discovered that Ihad to scoop out as much rice as I could and to cover the overcooked portions with hot water from a kettle. After dinner, the burnt rice turned into a palette cleansing pooridge. I could only eat a few bites though, my stomach was close to bursting from all of the amazing Bossam and banchan. It was an experience I won’t soon forget and I can’t wait to go back.

Korea 4th floor elevator

This is the first time I’ve ever seen the elevator buttons omit the number 4 for the fourth floor. Google it, it’s a similar superstition to the 13th floor in America.

Since I forgot to take a picture of any of the meals I ate, they must have been that good, check out the Sosabeol tag: 소사벌맛집 on Instagram to see all the amazing food!

Craft Beers, Pubs, Cafes, Bakeries and more

The bars and pubs are bursting with craft beers, themes and relaxing, fun atmospheres. The Iron Bar lives up to its name with a larger than life replica of Iron Man, complete with light up eyes and Arc Reactor who is ready to enjoy a drink with you. The 1987 Rooftop Lounge has one of the best views of the Sosabeol area and is perfect for a girl’s night out with amazing cocktails and “sexy décor.” That’s a direct quote from South of Seoul. I need to get over there and try this place out! Go to the South of Seoul blog to see their top 5 bars to visit in the Sosabeol commercial district.

Sosabeol 1987 rooftop lounge

Don’t forget to look up when exploring Sosabeol

Did someone say Steampunk Café? I haven’t gone yet but it’s high on my list of places to visit. I don’t expect the coffee or deserts to be amazing but I need the décor to be awesome! On the river walk, there are multiple café options and there are plenty of dessert cafes in Sosabeol proper to relax at after dinner. I think the bakeries purposely pump beautiful bread smells into the street because I found myself stopping every 50ft to fog up big bakery windows and stare at perfect pastries.

After Dinner Entertainment


The Sosabeol Rock Bowling Club is THE place to drink and relax with friends while knocking down pins in a posh bowling alley with black lights. Drink and Bowl. What more could you ask for? Check out this Naver Blog to see what it looks like inside.

Screen Golf and Screen Baseball

Have you tried this yet? It’s exactly what it sounds like, score a birdie or hit a homerun with real clubs and bats against a projector screen. It’s a videogame where the computer calculates how well, or terrible, you swung and you get to go home with real life sore shoulders!

Screen Golf Asan Techno Valley

Simulated hazards. It’s hard to putt off the rough!

During Screen Golf, your party gets a private room, complete with golf clubs for men or women, to shoot 9 or 18 holes. While waiting for your turn, you can order drinks or enjoy a smoke in the smokers lounge if it’s available. Screen baseball is similar but everyone must stand behind a cage as the ball is pitched from the center of the screen. In Sosabeol, I saw an open air, one room Screen Baseball off of an alleyway, perfect for the player who needs to get in a couple of swings before dinner. For the serious players, head up to the large Screen Baseball room off of the roundabout. I haven’t found the screen golf yet, I know it should be there but it’s possible it hasn’t opened yet. If you need to try screen golf right now, head down to Asan Techno Valley and try the 19 Hole Screen Golf. It’s clean, relaxing and has a full bar to visit after the game.


It’s true, Archery Ranges became an overnight trend in Korea and they are popping up everywhere. At the Shooting Zone in Sosabeol, pay around 10,000won for 20 minutes or become a member for unlimited practice. The employees will teach everyone how to nock, draw and hopefully not shoot the ceiling. I didn’t do it but I was close! Enjoy the café while waiting for your turn. Other Archery ranges in Pyeongtaek offer more bow varieties and lessons but for a night to relax and get away from it all, the Shooting Zone is perfect.

Sosabeol Archery Range

The Bows were super easy to use, nothing like I was used to. The Arrows sit in the notch, you don’t have to hold them. What is this sorcery?!

Noraebangs, PC Bangs and a Dog Café

Not interested in sports as a way to relieve stress? Don’t worry, Sosabeol has you covered with the classic Noraebangs/ Karaoke rooms, PC Bangs, Massage parlors, shopping and a newly opened Dog Café!



River Walk and the Baedari Reservoir Park

Riverwalk at Sosabeol

Riverwalk at Sosabeol

Talk a walk on the Sosabeol River Walk or go over the garden and pedestrian bridge to the Baedari reservoir park. Nothing says date night like a walk under the stars and stopping at cafes and shops along the way.

Crane games and Arcades!


No one under 19 after 10pm!

I do my best to not spend money at crane games but it’s so hard. I am proud of myself for only dropping about 100,000won at trying for those adorable Cubone’s or Lapras Pokemon Plushies. The arcades come with a variety of games, not just the crane traps and many of them stated no one under the age of 19 after 10pm. Go to bed kids, it’s time for Momma to get her game on!

What to do during the day or with the kids?

Sosabeol isn’t just for the night, there is plenty to do during the day with the family! After letting the kids run until their breathless over the Garden Pedestrian Bridge, head over to McDonald’s for lunch then hit the brand new CGV Movie Theater for an afternoon flick. If everyone still has energy, check out the the Bon Bon Kid’s Cooking Café, Tayo Bus Kid’s Cafe or the Robot Building Hagwon for older kids.

For the thrifty shopper, a 3 story Daiso will be opening soon in the same building as the theater and McD’s. I keep seeing maps saying there is an Emart in Sosabeol but I can’t confirm that, I need to go for a ride and see if I can find it.

How to get to Sosabeol

From Camp Humphreys- Take the 20 bus and get off at Tongbok Market which is one stop before AK Plaza. Get on the 10 bus going in the same direction as the 20 bus was to get to Sosabeol. It’s about an hour total to by bus.

Sosabeol is only a 15 minute car ride from Humphreys and it may be worth the 12,000 won cab fare to get there, especially if you are splitting the cost with a group of friends. Show the taxi driver the address in the South of Seoul app for the CGV Bijeondong2 and he will drop you off right in front of the new McDonalds. When getting back to Humphreys, flag any taxi down and tell them K6. Most dri  vers will know what you mean. When you get closer, direct them towards your house with hand gestures and they’ll understand.

Where is Sosabeol

Everyone loves a hastily crafted strip map from MS Paint!


Have you visited Sosabeol? Did you try the Dog Cafe or Steam Punk Coffee Shop? Tell me your favorite part in the comments.


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  1. I love this! I am so excited to hear about the archery range. Amy has been asking about those since we left the states!

      • Sig on August 30, 2017 at 12:29 pm
      • Reply

      This one is very simple with one type of bow. I believe there is another one with 3 different kinds of bows, including the traditional Korean bow. I believe his name is Freddie Won? He is over on the Pyeongtaek Food and Fun Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

    • Red on October 4, 2017 at 3:22 am
    • Reply

    Can you post a contact number for the shooting zone and the screen baseball. All of my google searches are coming up empty? Thanks.

      • Sig on October 9, 2017 at 1:00 pm
      • Reply

      Korea and Google, the cyber competition that never ends. I find the easiest way to find a place is to the hangul name of the town and the name of the business. Many times, the English name of a business works just as well. Google translate works great for words like screen golf or screen baseball. Then, copy and paste your search into, and it will give you a list of results with a map.
      Here are the hangul names of the search terms you wanted.
      Screen Baseball Sosabeol – 스크린 야구 소사벌
      Shooting Zone Sosabeol – shooting zone 소사벌

      And here is a pic of a search for screen baseball in the Sosabeol area. The commercial district looks like a 3-leafed clover with a roundabout in the center.

    • Julie on May 27, 2018 at 3:09 pm
    • Reply

    I am desperately looking for airsoft, or paintball in the area, or in Korea. Help?

      • Sig on June 18, 2018 at 3:21 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Julie! I would ask in local Facebook groups for paintball facilities. I haven’t heard of one but Korea has an incredible number of entertainment venues and I wouldn’t doubt it exists. Try the Facebook group “Pyeongtaek Food and Fun” or another English speaking group in Seoul.


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