Humphreys Town Hall May 31, 2017

Today’s Town Hall meeting was so small and surprising! No dog poop questions. No complaints about the vet office. Almost no questions at all.

Humphreys Town hall

Where is everybody at?!

The Facebook team was hard at work but they missed a few questions from the live stream. Some speakers didn’t speak directly into the mic so the Facebook crowd had a hard time hearing. Maybe next time we can clarify where visitors can post questions early.

The evening started off with a command team video followed by awards for our hardworking ACS volunteers. There were opening remarks a slide show then alibis from various department heads at Humphreys.

Wondering what new changes there are with the roadways or where newly opened facilities are located? Click here for the Humphreys map updated as of May 2017. Keep checking the Newcomer’s Information page on the Humphreys Garrison webpage for new map updates as facilities open up. I’ve been here over a year and I feel like a newcomer every time I drive on to post. I love updated maps!

If you missed today’s town hall, you can check out the slide show on the website. Below are notes from the visiting department heads that did not have slides.

Important Dates

Most buildings on post have their AC turned on as of May 25th.

Soda Drinking Contest! This event is causing a bit of ruckus on Facebook and it even made it to US ARMY WTF!

June 5th at 0930 there will be a Dirty Bomb exercise near Quarry gate. The Mass Notification system will sound a warning drill.

Change of Command ceremony for Colonel Holland is June 27th.

There will be a 4th of July celebration with fireworks this year at Soldier’s Field, behind the super gym/ Community Fitness Center.

August 1st registration begins for youth sports


  • The new School Age Center opened in April and the new CDC opened in May.
  • The new Dental Clinic opened May 22nd
  • The new Troop Medical Clinic will open sometime in June.
  • July 1st the new movie theater will open with one screen, of the two, up and running.
  • Splish and Splash park renovations are almost complete and the facility should be open in early July.
  • August 10th is the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new 8th Army HQ building.
  • Smoothie King will open in mid-July at the new 8th Army HQ.

    Photo Credit: USAWTF. How do you even have a soda contest? Chug until the bubbles make someone barf?

  • The new Veterinary Office will open in August.
  • Flightline Bar and Grill is closing down permanently August 5th and will be given over to a new company/ contract.
  • Both Elementary West and the new Middle school are opening in time for the new school year.
  • Monday, August 28th is the first day of school for the highschool. All other schools begin on Wednesday, August 30th.

Other Notes


  • If patients need an off-post followup after visiting an off-post ER, they must call Tricare first or go to the TMC for an off-post referral.
  • The Medical Clinic will begin extended hours in August: 1700-2300 Mon-Fri. These hours included the pharmacy and laboratory. In mid-September, extended hours will apply to weekends and holidays as well.
  • The Dental Clinic is not taking new patients at this time. They will reassess in the fall to see if they have the personnel and supplies to take on more. For now, families are still able to come in for cleanings.


  • “Don’t come confess to me. Just come and get your taxes done until June 16th!” I’m paraphrasing of course.
  • “Legal increased their staff from 2 to 5! That’s over a 100% increase!” That quote I wrote down word for word.


  • New Mailboxes will be popping up all over post.


  • The new PX will hopefully be open by Black Friday. If not, by Christmas. The new PX will have 2 MWR restaurants.
  • The old PX will keep it’s food court and become a troop mini-mall.
  • The new Commissary will not be ready until May or June of 2018.
  • The old Commissary will be turned into a museum.

Personnel Transformation Officer

  • The migration of units to Humphreys is on track and we will see the biggest gain of personnel in July and August. Refer to the slide show to learn more.


  • FMWR is hiring! At the last town hall parents were upset that the CDC and other youth programs were not readily available for many. FMWR has many positions that need to be filled so check them out at
  • There is a free Football Pro-camp this summer for children at Humphreys. Check with FMWR for more information.


  • One audience member asked if Taxi’s could stop parking on crosswalks when picking up or dropping off riders. AAFES is on it.

Splish & Splash Park

  • The Splish & Splash water park will have a half season pass available to cover the entire 2017 summer season. For the first time, the park is extending their operating hours into September. After labor Day, the Splish & Splash will be open on weekends until Oct 1. The website is updated with the 2017 fees.

 Indoor Play Area

  • Most recent map of Camp Humphreys, May, 2017.

    This question was missed by the Facebook team so I scurried up to the front after the closing remarks and asked the MWR representative about Humphreys having an indoor play area. Her answer was that Army bases cannot have indoor play areas because it is a conflict of interest with CYS and taking away from their programs.

  • My thoughts: Obviously Army bases do have indoor play areas but all the ones I know of are either done by Burger King (Yongsan) or another company/group that is not directly garrison related. The MWR’s answer made me think that the garrison will not build an indoor play area here at Humphreys but if someone else was going to do it, say a fast food restaurant or a non-garrison organization, then maybe it could happen. Who wants to stand up and ask at the next town hall?

Next Town Hall Meeting: September 6, 2017





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    • Emmett Wayne on June 26, 2017 at 9:22 am
    • Reply


    Every month there is a flea market at Transformation Park? Where is it? I can’t find it on the map anywhere.

      • Sig on June 26, 2017 at 12:57 pm
      • Reply

      I am looking forward to a Humphreys’ Map that specifies where each park is and the names of all the gyms. Hmmm, maybe that’s my next blog post?

      Transformation Park is the one where the Christmas Tree is next to the USO and the Library and across the street from the commissary.

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