Pokemon World Festival 2017 at Incheon 포켓몬 월드 페스티벌

What is the Pokemon World Festival 포켓몬월드페스티벌 and what the heck is Triple Street?

Instagram to Pokestore Photos.

The Pokemon World Festival is an adorable celebration of Pokemon as well as a grand opening event for the Triple Street outdoor mall in Incheon, South Korea. The mall is decorated with cardboard cutouts and banners and there has to be 50+ Pikachu statues to pose with on the ground floor and on the rooftop of each of the four buildings. 

Triple Street Website – This is the official site for the Pokemon World Festival. In the events section, there are cute maps and videos that really don’t explain the festival very well. We went to the festival not knowing what to expect.

인천광역시 연수구 송도과학로16번길 33-3Copy and paste this address into Kakao Maps, Naver or your Korean GPS and it will take you right there with no troubles. Tolls cost approximately 7,000won each way from the Camp Humphreys area. If you are a Pokemon Go player and traveling from the south, be sure to stop at the Songsan Podo rest area on Highway 153. It has 6 Pokestops, a gym, lots of food and a playground for the kids.

Pokemon Go

So many Pokestops in one Rest stop!

I am trying to read the Festival Page and it says I need to download an app?

One month before the festival, Triple Street gave customers vouchers to receive free Pokemon merchandise, like Pikachu ear head bands, Squirtle wrist bands and Evee pouches, through their app. You had to sign up for a Triple Street account and download/ print these vouchers and bring them to one of the Information booths at the mall. I made the mistake of not taking the app to a Korean friend to translate nor did I call the tourist hotline for clarification and I got as far as seeing the voucher but I never downloaded it or printed it. On the app, the voucher was called a coupon and when my computer’s Active X controls flipped out after trying to print, I just gave up. I didn’t really want a coupon (or in my mind, a discount) for one of these items anyway. I didn’t realize the items were going to free, oops!

When we arrived to the festival at 11:00am I hopped in one of the long lines wrapping around building C and my husband hopped in another one coming out of building D. Here is where I, once again, experienced the kindness and generosity of this wonderful country. This lady saw me trying to figure out the maps and the app while standing behind me in line and between her better English and my terrible Korean, we figured out that I didn’t actually have any coupons and was in the wrong line. Even though I didn’t get my free Evee pouch, I had a blessed hour of standing in line with this wonderful woman and chatting about everything from family to culture. We even held each other’s place in line while the other searched for their wayward kids.

#PokemonWorldFestival2017 #포켓몬월드페스티벌2017

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and help. You were the best part of my day.

Conclusion: Ignore the app, it’s a pain in the butt and it’s too late to use it for free merchandise. If you are brave and you plan on being in the area for the whole week, there is a way to do a Daily Stop stamp card through the Triple Street wifi to enter a chance to win giant Snorlaxes and other prizes.

What is there to do at the Pokemon World Festival at Triple Street?

Pokemon Pop-Up store – The real reason anyone goes to Pokemon events: Merch! The store is open 10:00am to 10:00pm every day until May 7th. We went on opening day and my husband hopped in line between building C & D about 11:00am and stood in the blistering sun. When I finished around noon doing silly games with the kids and waiting in my line, he was almost to the front door of the building. When we finally got inside it was 12:15 and the line was still going, wrapping itself around the exterior of the pop-up store with cute Pokemon wallpaper to make silly photos with. Finally, just after 1:00pm we went on a shopping spree and spent too much on stupid stuff we don’t need but want. Totally worth it! Did you see my new desk mat? It’s super squishy and gentle on my wrists. There are also Pokemon Go Plus’ for sale and the price isn’t that bad, just a few dollars more than Amazon but no international shipping fees.

#PokemonWorldFestival2017 #포켓몬월드페스티벌2017

Quick Map of Triple Street. Pokestore is in Building D with the MegaBox and Pikachu statues on the roof.

Mystery Egg for your Pokebank on Nintendo DSGet a mystery egg from the Pokemon Store until May 7th and during the World Pokemon Tournament, from May 5th- 7th in the basement of building D below the Pokemon Store, get a Mew!

Pokemon TCG Tournaments – Compete in the Pokemon collectible card game tournaments, not for the faint of heart or beginners. Learn more in the Facebook Group PokeFans Korea.

Free Pikachu Balloons, Paper hats and  Carnival Stamp Cards on the 2nd floor of C building – On the weekends and holidays, Pikachu Balloons are limited to the first 1000 people. We arrived at 11:00am and missed out. Show up at 10:00am or earlier on busy days. 

Carnival Games – Fill out your carnival card with Pokemon Jenga, Bulbasaur Plinko, Popplio squirt guns etc in each building of Triple Street and throughout the basement. The games are free, simple and have no prizes. Just quick fun for the kids. If you see a long line for the game, just skip it and find another one. A lot of the games on the basement level had almost no lines. I have no clue what the rewards are for filling out a stamp card.

Pikachu Parade and Dance Party – These are just silly but it makes the kids happy. See a bunch of Pikachus do the penguin dance to Uptown Funk and waddle down the sidewalk in the Pikachu Parade. Parades are at 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00 in the basement level and end atthe Dance stage between buildings C & D.

Pictures with Pikachu – In addittion to the Pikachu statues, you can get your picture taken with a Pikachu character from 2:00-6:00. I am not exactly sure where, I think it was the basement level.

Pokemon Town’s Puzzle Island Mystery – This event is running from May 3rd- May 7th and I have no idea what it’s about. It costs 25,000won and there are experiences for children 12 and under or 13 and up. It is located in building A.

#PokemonWorldFestival2017 #포켓몬월드페스티벌2017

This Park is how you finish a great Pokemon day. You can see it from the Triple Street location in the Pokemon Go App.

Shopping – It is a shopping mall after all and the entire basement is full of interesting restaurants with steaks, burgers, American Soul Food and Sushi Converyor Belts.

Beautiful Park with Lots of Pokemon Go stops – Just a few blocks over there is a huge park with perfectly spaced Pokestops for a nice stroll after a picnic lunch. If you open your Pokemon Go app, you can see the park from Triple street. If bringing bikes is easy, this area is chock full of bike paths and bike lanes.


This was a really nice day out and it is only an hour from Humphreys. The lines sucked but I think on non-festival days, you can expect to get into the store much more quickly and get free balloons without needing to go WWE on people. Bring a lunch or pick up food at the Burger King or Homeplus and relax in the park after the event.


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    • cyn on May 12, 2017 at 4:17 pm
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    Hi! How do I get to Triple Street from the nearest subway station? My friend and I are in Seoul and she’s a big Pokemon fan. We heard there’s a Pikachu Parade this weekend.

      • Sig on May 22, 2017 at 12:23 am
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      So sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Triple Street is very new and I myself am not that familiar with the Subway in Incheon. In the future, KakaoMaps should be able to get you there. Just copy and paste the hangul address into the destination and select public transportation. I hope you made it to the parade!

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