Using the 20-Bus from Humphreys to Pyeongtaek

20 bus paengseong humphreys pyeongtaek

Get a T-Money Card in any convenience store and use it for toll booths and bus, train or taxi fairs.

I’m so happy, I finally did it! I made 20-Bus maps.Why did I make these maps? I’ve been here a year and I had no idea you could get to the Three Story Daiso or Lotte Mart from the 20-Bus until a month ago. Why didn’t I know that? Cause I’m lazy and I wait until I can get the car from the husband and drive there instead. But the 20-Bus is your ticket to everywhere and you don’t have to worry about parking.

I don’t like that everyone has to re-invent the wheel when they move here. I like online resources, I like doing research beforehand and everything I’ve used in the past got me lost in a back alley somewhere. So here you go, another installment to make your life easier! Please share and print these to your hearts desire.

Where to get a bus pass?

Go to any convenience store and get yourself a T-Money card. It’s that easy! Check your balance at at an electronic station at the bus stop and get it recharged at a T-Money terminal or a convenience store. Kids and seniors get a discount so bring them with you when buying their cards. It’s safe to start with 10,000-20,000 won on your first card and about half that for kids.

Here’s the Maps!

20 bus paengseong humphreys pyeongtaek

The Pyeongtaek 20-Bus Route and popular destinations

20 bus paengseong humphreys pyeongtaek

AK Plaza & the Five Fingers Reference Map

20 bus paengseong humphreys pyeongtaek

The 20-Bus loop in Paengseong



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  1. Sara

    Thanks Sieg!! I will use this to venture out a bit more on Bus 20!

    1. Sig

      Thank you Sara! I hope it helps 🙂

  2. Debbie

    Great maps and information provided. I have never seen this explain so thoroughly! You are really good at this.

    1. Sig

      Thank you Debbie!

  3. Delilah

    Awesome. I’m in the middle of making an adventure book with travel instructions!!!

    1. Sig

      I’m intrigued!

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