Music Hagwons near Camp Humphreys

If you haven’t already, first read my post on “What is a Hagwon and What you can expect as a Foreigner!”

 Music 음악

Like TaeKwonDo’s, there are lots of Piano Hagwons in Paengseong. Some of them also offer recorder, bamboo flute and ocarina lessons as well. Most of the Hagwons target younger students but some will take in adult students.

Most Music schools are 1hr a day, 5 days a week. Kids do group lessons where a teacher spends 15+ minutes with each student at the piano then they do independent practice and study out of workbooks with the teacher watching.

Tuitiion is based upon the students ability and they will charge more for private lessons. There will be 3 prices listed for beginner, intermediate and advanced. Music Books and workbooks cost extra.

The easiest way to find these locations is to download the NaverMaps app then copy and paste the Hangul address into it. It will take some guess work since everything is in hangul but Naver Maps is similar to other GPS navigation so you can figure out the menus without being able to read it.

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Yejin Music Academy


Piano & Vocals

Kristin and Jon Lee



평택시 팽성읍 송화리 24-31

24-31 Songwhari Paengseong – Third Floor

Located to the right of the big 4-way stop (Fourth light straight out of the main gate) near the Shabu Shabu restaurants.

Hagwon Bus: Yes

Ages 5+

One to Five days a week – 1hr sessions

Yejin Music Academy is one of the first Hagwon’s in Paengseong to target English speaking students. I take piano lessons here with my two boys and Kristin is one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever had. I can personally recommend Yejin to anyone looking for piano and vocal lessons. Ten minute walk from main gate and Jon is very lenient with where he can pick up and drop off students on the Hagwon bus. Go to their website for pricing.

Joyful Music





평택시 팽성읍 송화리 782-12

782-12 Songwhari Paengseong – Ground Level

Across the street from Songwha Elementary and near Pizza School

Hagwon Bus: Yes

Ages 7+

Five days a week – 1hr sessions

120,000/130,000/140,000 a month for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced – Books cost extra

Joyful Music Academy already has foreign students and the teacher looked receptive to having more. This academy is located across the street from Songwha Elementary School and she said if there is a big enough group the Hagwon bus could pick up in front of Camp Humphreys.

Goeunbit Music Academy


Piano and Vocal


평택시 팽성읍 객사리 136-5

Gaeksari Paengseong 136-5 – Second Floor

Located across the street from Buyong Elementary and a few buildings down from Mom’s Touch. 

Hagwon Bus: Yes

Ages 7+

Piano Four days a week, Tues-Fri – 1hr sessions

Vocals on Mondays

The teacher was very excited to see me gathering information for foreigners and she was proud to show how many foreigners she already had in class. Her English was excellent. Mondays are for practicing vocals and Tues-Fri are piano lessons. There is a Hagwon Bus but I am not sure it will go down to Humphreys to pick up students. Across the street from Bu-yong elementary and near Mom’s Touch in Paengseong.

Muse Music School




평택시 팽성읍 송화리 779-2

779-2 Songwhari Paengseong – Fourth Floor

Located in Songwha Plaza in the building between ToPresso and Bang Bang Zone.

Ages 7+

Five days a week – 1hr sessions

120,000/130,000/140,000 a month for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced – Books cost extra

The teacher here was kind but hesitant to hear that kids who spoke no Korean might be interested in attending. She may prefer children with a basic Korean vocabulary. No Hagwon Bus.



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