Social Media, Apps and Phone Numbers for Camp Humphreys Residents

Social Media Resources, Apps and Phone Numbers for Camp Humphrey’s and Pyeongtaek Residents

The military is catching up to the age of social media and most garrisons will have a Facebook and Twitter feed and more. Humphreys has multiple Facebook pages,  a Pinterest board and a Flickr photo album. When looking for events, finding information about the post, or getting updates on road conditions or post status, social media is quickly becoming the number one tool to get information out fast and accurately. Take the time to explore past posts and photo albums to gain an understanding on how information is put out. Turn on notifications for important resources, like the USAG Humphreys PAO office and Osan Weather Alerts.

How often social media is updated depends on the pluckiness and aptitude of who is currently in charge of the page. Lately, most of the Humphreys pages are updated regularly whereas in the past they were very quiet or ignored all together. So far, Twitter feeds are very unreliable, the USFK feed was very active up to 2015 and it has been silent ever since. The only Twitter feed that I’ve seen updated regularly is from USAG Yongsan. They are a great example to follow if other command teams are looking to use Twitter on a regular basis.

If any of the following links fail, it is easy enough to search using the title I listed in Facebook or other social media platforms.

USAG Humphreys Mass Warning and Text Notification

Signing up for text notifications from the Garrison is your first step to staying informed at Camp Humphreys. Only person’s with a CAC card can sign up but they can add dependents at the same time. Be sure to follow the steps listed on the US Army Garrison Humphreys Facebook page to ensure everyone gets the notifications they need to be safe and comfortable.

South of Seoul App

English speakers in Pyeongtaek need to download the South of Soul App. Its a lifesaver for finding restaurants, events, shops etc.

Social Media: Information and Status Updates at your Fingertips

Spouses Pages

Initially, I felt that Spouse’s pages were the end all be all of information havens but as time went on, I realized a lot of advice was inaccurate or heavily opinionated. If you are in a spouse’s page, remember to confirm any information with official resources before making decisions for you and your family.

U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys on Facebook

The official Garrison Humphreys facebook page. Go to the photos album to find shuttle bus schedules, new road construction updates etc and go to posts to read the daily newsletter. Have a question? The page is run by the Public Affairs Office (PAO) and they usually respond within an hour or on the same day. The team over there is extremely polite and helpful and if you find you need help running offpost events involving Humphreys, they are a great point of contact.

This page is, I feel, a requirement for anyone living in and around Humphreys. If there are delays, closures, notifications or emergencies within Pyeongtaek or on the peninsula, the US Army Garrison Humphreys page will give out official and accurate updates.

The USAG Humphreys Twitter Feeds are updated sporadically so aren’t a great source of information as of Jan 2018.

The Humphreys Garrison Commander Facebook Page

Recently, the Humphreys Garrison Commander has really opened up the garrison to the residents but personally running a Facebook Page with frequent updates on construction progress, road conditions and other happenings in the area. I hope this page continues with the next commander because it has been an invaluable source of information outside of the town hall meetings. 

Your FRG, Company and Battalion Facebook Page

If you start to type in the Facebook search bar, you are bound to find your unit page and FRG. Try typing in acronyms (like BN or CO) or use full words to find them. Also ask around to find your pages to keep up to date with your unit. FRG and Unit Facebook pages are a great way to stay connected and to discover events and gatherings and to make friends.

Your Children’s School Facebook Page and PTSO Group

All four of Camp Humphreys school each have their own Facebook page and PTSO (Parent Teacher) group. Join all the groups and pages relevant to you and your family.

USAG Humphreys FLICKR Page

Went to an event on base and saw a bunch of soldiers from PAO snapping pictures? Find those photos over on their FLICKR page, they update it lightning fast.

USAG Humphreys FMWR on Facebook

Get news on upcoming trips and events at Humphreys.

USAG Humphreys ACS on Facebook

Get information on classes, local events outside of post and inprocessing briefs.

USAG Humphreys Boss on Facebook

Get news on upcoming events and volunteer opportunities for single soldiers and geographical bachelors.

USO Humphreys on Facebook

USO Humphreys offers free meals, activities and low cost events for soldiers and family member at Camp Humphreys. The team over there is amazing and hardworking, so take a moment and go see what they are up to.

Humphreys Health on Facebook

Official page of the Humphreys Medical Clinic. It has business hours, contact information and the page is frequently updated.

Osan Weather Flight on Facebook

Get Local Weather alerts for the Pyeongtaek region. Also useful if you have a flight out of Osan Airbase.

U.S. Embassy Seoul on Facebook

The Embassy page gives plenty of information in Korean and English for it’s followers including hours, informational meetings and fun stuff to do around Seoul. This page is a must for every foreigner on the Korean peninsula, not just American, as it will give up to date information on emergencies or evacuations. Read more about Evacuations from Korea here. 

Pyeongtaek Food and Fun on Facebook

This group will answer all your questions that are Pyeongtaek or Korea related. Lanae, the lady that moderates this group and writes the South of Seoul blog, is an American expat living in Korea and she knows what it means to be an America experiencing Korea and what it’s like to be a Korean experiencing American’s for the first time. She is a fount of information and is actively trying to bridge the gap between foreigners in Pyeongtaek and the Koreans who live here. Take the time to go through the photo albums and a few months of posts to really get a feel for what it’s like to live in Korea.


Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation PIEF on Facebook

Go here to learn more about PIEF and the amazing free events they offer to foreigners and locals here in Pyeongtaek.

Must Have Apps for your Smart Phone After Moving to Camp Humphreys/ Pyeongtaek

BAACH App Humphreys

I am glad this exists. Being in a foreign country and not knowing where to go for emergency care is nerve-wracking but this app takes that worry away.


A community generated map tool. Since Korea hates Google and Google hates Korea, Waze is one of your only English options for a GPS driving tool. Wazers (yes, these are people who use Waze) input new destinations and create a Waze ID for each one. Search for the Waze ID, pick the funny voice you want to navigate for you (Morgan Freeman!) and start exploring. A word of warning: Waze will take you on the weirdest and most dangerous routes. I have been on rice paddy roads with the concrete edges falling down into the rice stalks because waze will take the shortest route and end up avoiding highways.

Naver Maps or Kakao Maps

I really suggest downloading Naver Maps. It is all in Korean, which is frustrating at first, but it works just like a regular GPS so go to a language exchange or watch videos to learn how it works. I have videos available on my Sig Flips the Table Facebook page to teach you the basics of using Naver maps. I often have Naver maps and Waze running at the same time so I am sure I am heading in the right direction with Waze but I have Naver giving me the best route.

Kakao Talk

I don’t know why this Chat app hasn’t taken the world by storm yet. It’s easy to create and organize group chats and it syncs with contacts in your phonebook. Throw in the adorable Emoji characters and the signature “Kakao” sound and I am hooked. Most units on Camp Humphreys require Kakao Talk to contact their soldiers and family members end up loving it, too.

Camp Humphreys

The Camp Humphreys app is very basic. I took all the useful phone numbers out of it and put them in my phonebook. For soldiers, the app keeps the Humphreys’ off-limit list updated.

South of Seoul

This app was made by my friend Lanae who runs the South of Seoul blog and it is her baby. She’s always wanted to create an app that was a cross of Yelp, Foursquare and Google Maps for foreigners in Korea. This is the year that she hunkered down and dedicated hundreds of hours to create a free app to for everyone to enjoy. And her timing couldn’t be better. Anyone living in Pyeongtaek needs this app to find local restaurants, reviews, playgrounds, kid’s cafes, bars, local events, language exchange groups etc. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.


This new app helps dependents and soldiers find the nearest hospital and provides important phone numbers and information when seeking health care on the peninsula.


The AAFES Taxi app is super useful and super frustrating at the same time. The app often makes it easy to get a taxi on and off-post but if the location is not convenient or cost effective for the driver, customers will find themselves waiting a long time. Currently, on-post housing and offpost communities that are off the main roads (like Rex Village and Good Morning Town) will not get service. If you live outside of the Paengseong area, like Asan Techno Valley, the taxi’s will not come out. For those in offpost areas, I suggest downloading Kakao Taxi. It recently added English translations and you can type in your destination in hangul (Type K-6 for Humphreys) and it will detect your current location. Learn how to type your home address in hangul and you will be all set and always have a taxi at your home within a few minutes.

Phone Numbers

I can’t post phone numbers here because they may change in the future. Use the Humphreys App to have quick access to phone numbers and if you are calling commercial (essentially from a cell phone or from offpost) don’t forget to add 0503-3 to the front of the number and drop the first number in the DSN. For example, if you are call 753-1234 it would be: 0503-353-1234.

When you move to Camp Humphreys, look up the following numbers in the Camp Humphreys Phonebook and add them to your contacts list. I like to label them all with the last name Humphreys and I favorite emergency phone numbers. Don’t forget to add in other numbers like duty phone (spouse’s you will need the duty phone, too!) and school phone numbers.

Offpost Emergency – Even if you live onpost, add this to your contacts. This number will take you to an English Speaking operator on Camp Humphreys and is different than the Korean 119 Emergency Number.

Duty Phone – Even if you are not a soldier, having your sponsor’s duty phone will come in handy.

Post Status – Find this phone number in the Humphreys Smartphone app.

Post Operator – Find this phone number in the Humphreys Smartphone app.

USFK Road Conditions – This recording is done daily, we are Area 3 for Humphreys residents.

Humphreys Military Police

Yongsan Military Police – Have the phone numbers of the military police for each installation you may visit.

Appointment Line

Osan Emergency Room – The Osan Emergency Room is great for adult care. However, you may want to try St. Mary’s or another offpost hospital for emergency pediatric care. The BAACH app has contact information for area hospitals. Also, ask friends what hospitals they would recommend and be sure to have the contact info in your phone before an emergency for a peace of mind.

Offpost Emergency Room or Pediatric Hospital – Have at least one offpost hospital in your contacts that you have researched and asked friends about. In case of an emergency, you will already be prepared with it’s location and if they have the facilities you may need. Find phone numbers and more information in the BAACH smartphone app.

Veterinary Clinic

Dental Clinic – Carius Clinic is for dependents and soldiers and the kids dental clinic is on the second floor.

Other Apps and Social Media Resources

Air Visual

If you’ve been feeling tired with sinus troubles you should download this app and see if the air quality corresponds with your symptoms. I was stubborn for an entire year telling myself I’ve never had had allergies before so it can’t be that. Well, four sinus infections later I grudgingly admitted that it was the air that was getting me.

Walkr App

Walking and unlocking adorable planets. I love Walkr!

Windy TV

The weather app on your phone will disappoint you. I go to Windy TV for all of my precipitation needs. It gives three different weather models to browse through and having an active radar can be useful.

Weather Underground has instruments taking readings out of Camp Humphreys Central Elementary School so they may be a good source to follow as well.

Pokemon GO, Walkr or Ingress

Big bonus to living in Korea, you will do a lot more walking than you’re used to. Personally, getting my steps in for the day is not enough motivation for me to go the extra mile but video games are! Pokemon Go and Walkr are my favorites.

Humphreys Hiking/Biking Hooligans and Hoolligals on Facebook

Many in this group have moved away and it just needs a few crazies to bring it back to life. Lots of information in here on biking and hiking trails in the Humphrey’s area.

Boardgaming in Korea on Facebook

Boardgaming in Korea is a real hobby and when you walk into your first Boardgaming Cafe you will Squee. I promise you, it’s going to be embarrassing but oh so satisfying. The best cafes and game groups are in Seoul, Daegu and Busan but there are a smattering of groups around military bases.

Pokemon Go Korea on Facebook

I hate and love this group. I love the updates and information and how we all stuck it out together for 6 months waiting for the game to be released here. I hate seeing all of the Pokestops up in Seoul. Big cities are ridiculous!

Paengseong Language Exchange, Pyeongtaek Language Exchange and the Songtan Language Exchange on Facebook

Three very active language exchanges in the Pyeongtaek area.

Humphreys Homeschool Group on Facebook

I love finding new Homeschool groups when I move to a new duty station but I was surprised to find such an active and lovely group here at Humphreys.

The Unnoficial Housing Facebook Group for On-post Residents

A facebook group run by housing for on-post residents to chat in.

Oscarville Apartments

Facebook Community Page for residents of Oscarville Apartments.

Ace Town

Facebook Community Page for residents of Ace Town.

Brownstone Apartments

Facebook Community Page for residents of Brownstone Apartments.


Humphreys Client Legal Services on Facebook

Come tax season you’ll want to have these guys friended to learn of changes for the new tax year.

Am I missing an important resource? Do you have something to add? Send me a message at


Updated January, 2018


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