Changes coming to Humphreys’ Ville

Humphreys Ville

The Ville needs a lot of love.

Who’s ready for a renovated Humphreys’ Ville?

I love the small town feel of Anjeongri and if you have ever walked its back alleys you can see the art and love that exists there. But it is also a town made for single soldiers so this means Bars Bars Bars. Just in the past few years, the Ville has seen a dramatic change with restaurants popping up all over the area that serve wonderful food and don’t rely entirely on the nightlife.

PIEF and members of the Pyeongtaek city council are working tirelessly to improve the experience of families and soldiers from Camp Humphreys and foreigners during their stay in Pyeongtaek. If you’ve ever gone down to the Ville at 9am on a weekday morning you know what I am talking about. The area feels like an old West town right before the bandits arrive; it’s absolutely lifeless. Acting as our ambassador to the city, PIEF coordinates these meetings between the city council and local residents of Camp Humphreys.

What are the highlights of the Humphreys’ Ville renovation?

The cobblestones will be gone, no more twisted ankles! And the Merchant’s Association is encouraging family friendly restaurants and Kid’s Cafes to come down to the Ville. They’ve also heard our need for a safe place for our pets so Pet Hotels are planning to come down from Seoul to watch the fur-friends.

Humphreys Ville

But there is plenty of love already in the Ville that should stay. I love the gates on houses.

Parking will be doubled, well…. tripled…. Actually, there is almost no parking right now so any new parking is a major improvement.

Stay on the lookout for all the new construction you have probably seen a lot already. Sections of the cobblestone road will be closed throughout the year, abandoned and dangerous buildings are taken down every day, new apartments and commercial spaces are being built every month and soon the art of Korea will pop up everywhere. Every time I walk down to the Ville construction is buzzing and I swear new buildings pop up out of nowhere.




If you have any suggestions or want to give a fist pump for these wonderful changes, leave a comment here or on my Facebook Page.

humphreys ville

This is a map given to us from the City Council and I added in some highlights. Click for the full view.

1 Survey and Planning for the village of Anjeong-ri – The City of Pyeongtaek is asking local citizens and Camp Humphreys how to improve Anjeong-ri and are finalizing construction plans. Jan ’16- Jan ’17

2 Improving the Agricultural/ Residential area – This area will see improved roadways, more CCTV cameras, street lights and improvement of buildings in the area. Even though this is a residential area, there are many shops for everyone to enjoy right now like the Jersey store, the Stained Glassed Studio and Furniture Row. As renovations continue more shops will open.  Mar ’15- Dec ‘19

3 Artist’s Square – This area will encourage the artistic side of Anjeong-ri with a new outdoor theater and renovations to nearby buildings to create art workshops, exhibition areas etc. Jan ’14- Dec ‘17

4 Ville Road – Overall Improvement of shop facades to create a welcome environment. The focus will be to support small businesses. A sculpture and artwork will be at the  entrance to the Ville near the walk-in Gate to make give a welcoming feel. The cobblestones will be removed and new sidewalks installed. Renovations begin in March and small sections of the Ville will be closed off to pedestrian and vehicle traffic while construction works on the street. Jan ’16- Dec ‘18

Humphreys Ville

The building where Suji’s Grill is now went up super fast.

5 Community Square – The capacity of the current public parking lot is increasing to 200 cars and if the city approves the plans an underground parking garage could be in the works to hold a total of 600 cars. There is a rumor that a parking lot is cropping up near OMG Motors but nothing is confirmed. The Community Center will have an exhibition hall, government offices, a café and restaurants. There is talks about creating a large ballroom space that will be available to rent for dances, proms, hail and farewells etc. Jan ’17- Dec ‘20

6 Improve/ Expand Roadways – Better roads in the residential area will allow traffic to flow away from the main Ville road to improve pedestrian safety. Sept ’14- Dec ‘17

7 Streetscape – This section of Anjeongri is already full of unique shops off of the main Ville road. The renovated shop fronts and improved sidewalks and roadways are going to be part of a thematic streetscape to create a comfortable and exciting space to live and shop in. Jul ’16- Jun ‘17

8 The goal of this project is the gentrification of Anjeongri and keeping its small town feel while improving the quality of life for its residents and consumers. Expected completion date is 2020 but some of these projects are nearing completion by the end of this year and others will be finished within the next two years. 2016- Dec ‘19


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    • Constancia on February 23, 2017 at 4:06 am
    • Reply

    All I can say is YAY!

    • Tino on August 24, 2017 at 4:48 am
    • Reply

    Great information. Thank you for keep us posted. I loved the gates too and the small allies. I’ll miss it too.

      • Sig on August 24, 2017 at 6:14 am
      • Reply

      Thank you Tino! I am hoping that the residential homes will remain. They are so well maintained and the gates and courtyards are beautiful to see. The City planner said that they want to keep Anjeong-ri as rural as possible while tearing down abandoned buildings and hazards. Here’s to hoping that the quaint areas remain!

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