Coffee Social and Language Exchange in Paenseong

Studying Korean and Drinking Coffee with New Friends

I tried studying Korean when I was living in the USA and it was an absolute pain. There are a lot less resources, digital or physical, for Korean than other major languages and I was struggling to get motivated. The language immersion since moving to Korea has been phenomenal, I can now ask for food at the market and translate how much it costs, I can read signs to find Konglish words (English words written in Hangul) and I don’t get as lost when driving. But I was still missing the essence of speaking another language. What do I say when I get angry? How do I show someone that I think what they did was funny and humorous but in a polite manner. How do I say my food tastes weird or that this is the best kimbap I’ve ever had?


I needed a language exchange but the local meetups were usually at a bar at night or during the weekends which I spend with the family. I wanted to study with friends and I wanted it to be when it was convenient for me and others who wanted a morning time language exchange. I hear if you build it, they will come. Technically, someone else built it, a Twosome Place Cafe right in downtown Paengseong near Camp Humphreys. After enjoying a few coffees there with a friend I knew I had my venue.

Say hello to the Paengseong Coffee Social Korean/ English Study Group for Tuesday Mornings! The group name is a work in progress but I’ve already had a great turnout. I am absolutely floored by the kindness and enthusiasm of local Koreans who’ve come from as far away as Asan. Our intermediate and beginner Korean learners have been getting crash courses in Korean each meeting, this is better than any online program! And I am so grateful to each and every one of them. In our very first meetup I learned that my textbook is evil and lied to me. During my Korean classes, I worked tirelessly to memorize special nouns for saying the days of the week only to learn I was speaking like an old Grandma. Like a great great Grandma, no one alive talks like that anymore. Thank you ladies, you are absolute life savers!!!

Twosome Study Group

My textbook is missing a page… a very evil page that took too many hours of my life.

What does a Coffee/ Study Group Entail?

Our meetup group is casual. It’s held every Tuesday morning at the Twosome Place at 0930 on the second floor. We may have  large group conversations or we’ll pair off in smaller groups. Some people bring textbooks, others bring prepared sentences to be reviewed, there is some self study and plenty of people come to enjoy a beautiful coffee shop with friends.

I don’t own any textbooks! I couldn’t even find a pencil in my house.

Don’t worry, we have members who bring whiteboards and others who have 50 pound bags full of workbooks. Come to the meetup to get an idea of what you might need to help you study.

When do you meet?

We meet every Tuesday at 0930. Bring anything you like to help you study. Please send a message to 72Waffleirons on Kakoa if you would like to join the group chat.

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I didn’t know there was a Twosome Place in Paengseong, where is it?

The Twosome Place is brand new and gorgeous, it just opened in August. There are plenty of tables, USB ports and wall plugs on the second floor plus wifi.

787-1 Songwhari Paenseong

Directions to Twosome Place from Camp Humphrey’s Main Gate:

Turn right at the intersection before Korea (Orange) Mart

Drive straight through three intersections.

After passing the Hyundai towers on the left and going through the third intersection, Twosome place is on your next left. There is parking in the back and side street parking.

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