Pokemon Go in South Korea



Hello? Small furry creatures for me to enslave for my own goals of self worth? At least it knows it’s night time out here…

Try not to cry Pokemon fans. We have a tough road ahead of us. South Korea sucks for this game. The company that created Pokemon Go also created another game called Ingress, a real world interactive walking game where players try to control portals at local landmarks and connect them to create a colored net, locking out enemies and their portals.

Ingress in South Korea does not have Google Maps to help users find their goals because of outdated Korean laws that bans Google from mapping out the country. Ingress players rely on proximity and thumbnail photos of the location to guess where a portal might be. The Ingress system works well enough and I would be happy if Pokemon Go worked in the same way.

Instead, Pokemon GO is off to a rough start in South Korea. Asian countries outside of Japan are having a hard time with the launch; GPS locations are out of sync, servers are crashing, no street locations or gym and ultimately, NO POKEMON.

I pray that Niantic, the creators of Ingress and Pokemon GO, will hear the cries of the thousands of South Korean Pokemon Trainers who have no Pokemon to train. Please Niantic, Help us Be the Very Best! Like No One Ever Was! To Catch Them is my Real Test, To Train Them is my Cause! (It’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it?).

Gangnam Gamers gives a great explanation of where our Pokemon are at.

Download the Pokemon Go Chat app to find other crying trainers in your area.

Check out the Reddit Forums for new updates.


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