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Yongsan Garrison recently held a town hall meeting regarding the impending move to Camp Humphreys. The meetings are intended to get the soldiers and their families excited to move down to Pyeongtaek but that is a tough sell.

Moving to Camp Humphreys means leaving behind one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world to live in a predominantly agricultural town. You can read here how Pyeongtaek isn’t small by an means (the small cow town I grew up in boasts a population of 5,000) but it will be a huge change for those who have learned to love the hustle and bustle of Seoul.

Camp Humphreys is going to be amazing, there is no doubt about it. The Commissary will be huge, the Fitness Center is already one of the largest in the Army (hence the name Super Gym) and a real hospital so families can receive care without the hindrance of a language barrier. But a lot of facilities are not ready and families who come down from Seoul will have to make a lot of adjustements.


Transformation Website

For regular updates and newcomer’s information, the 8th Army Korea webpage is a great resource for everybody in and out of South Korea. From the 8th Army website soldiers and families can learn:xg6OKDlK

  • How to Obtain a sponsor
  • Find updates for Camp Humphreys Construction
  • 360° view of Housing and Facilities
  • Discover important information about The Relocation to include Townhall meeting dates
  • Detailed information on in-processing and what to do after the plane lands
  • Importing Pets to Korea
  • Driving in Korea etc

The 8th Army Korea website looks simple but there is a lot more information there than the navigation buttons allow. It feels like I’ve had better luck using the search button in the top right corner.

Be sure to explore all the 8th Army has to offer through their main page, the Transformation/ Relocation page and Social Media pages:

Eighth Army Homepage

Eighth Army Transformation Page

Eighth Army Facebook

Eighth Army Twitter


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