The Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation- PIEF

What is PIEF (pronounced peef)?


The Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation, aka PIEF, was established in 2014 to support the growing number of foreigners living in Pyeongtaek City, primarily those who are associated with the USFK. Please visit the website, it has a lot of wonderful information on what it means to live in Pyeongtaek and gives a list of local attractions.

All times, locations and events will be for the Paengseong Branch at Camp Humphreys. Sorry Osan, I don’t hang out at your branch!

PIEF has so much to offer Pyeongtaek residents, foriegners and Koreans alike:


PIEF in Paengseong. There is another Community Center in Songtan.

  • Introduction to Korean and Hangul – 10,000won/ month which is less than $10 for 8 hours of language instruction, it’s a steal! Mondays at 7:00pm
  • Intermediate Korean – Also 10,000won a month and much smaller. Monday/Wednesday at 7pm depending on abilities. This class is for the overly enthusiastic language hobbyist. 
  • Talk Cafe – This is a volunteer opportunity for English speakers to chat with local residents and help them with their English. This is the perfect setting for those who are interested in learning more about Korean culture or want to practice their Korean. I’m looking at you Korean linguists!
  • Free Concerts and Stage Performances
  • Local Festivals – The Spring One Heart Festival and the Mato Festivals are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Korea without traveling far. They are right outside the Humphrey’s Main Gate. 
  • Free trips around the Peninsula – Baseball games, agriculture centers, Navy battle ships etc. Nervous about going offbase? These are no stress trips and transportation is provided. Sometimes there is even a free meal.

Where is PIEF?

PIEF has two locations:

  • Songtan / Osan – I don’t often visit the Songtan branch but the amount of buildings there is staggering. The place is the size of a small college campus. I want to meet the architect for these centers! This is where the Everland trip meets up.
  • Paengseong / Camp Humphreys- The center is right next to the Oscarville apartment towers, a 5-10 minute walk from the main gate. The buildings have sharp corners and odd angles, beautiful and jarring. There is a forest path to enjoy with kids in the back.
    Strip Map to PIEF

    Strip Map to PIEF


    PIEF in Paenseong: Main Office to the right, Classrooms straight ahead and Concert Hall (not pictured) to the left.

How do I sign up for classes or attend events?

Follow PIEF on their Facebook page to learn of upcoming events and classes. There are instructions on how to sign up (usually a google form link) and for foreigners it is pay at the door. Locals can do a wire transfer.





Map and Tourist locations outside of PIEF.





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