I’m ready!

Hello all! My name is Sig and I have wanted to start this blog for years now. I have been pushing it off for many reasons, the primary one being I had no idea what I wanted to talk about. I had many topics to discuss:
– Board Games
– Homeschooling Fun
– Military Lifestyle
– General advice and pitfalls to avoid in life
– Adorable pictures of my family

Fruit Salad

You will suffer adorable kid photos!


When I began my move to South Korea I realized that this wasn’t easy. Moving overseas was a full time job for 6 months. When I got here, my troubles weren’t over. Getting ourselves settled in at Camp Humphreys was extremely challenging compared to the states. We were able to find the rental home of our dreams and I jumped right into the Korean lifestyle without a hitch but I began over analyzing my move here and realized what my blog could be. Half of it will be a tool to help new families move to South Korea and the other half will be for myself, my familly and all of my crazy hobbies.



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