Welcome to Sig Flips the Table

Welcome to Sig Flips the Table where I try to turn Camp Humphreys on its head and encourage families and soldiers to love it here! Work is hard, let’s make the time to enjoy Korea.

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Use the search bar or the categories to look for a specific topic. Use keywords in the search like: Offpost Housing, trash, license etc.

The South of Seoul app is a must have for all English speaking Pyeongtaek residents.

Humphreys Living is a great blog with straight facts about everyday life in Camp Humphreys.

I love boardgames and it’s becoming more popular here in Korea. See my board game collection, then please browse and come play.

Disclaimer and OPSEC:

Any information on this blog is for educational purposes only and is to be used at your own risk and discretion. Camp Humphreys is rapidly changing so please double check any addresses, dates, documents, telephone numbers etc.

Any information that I post about Camp Humphreys is already available in open source materials. I will never post photos of the post that could in anyway violate operational security. If you feel that I have violated OPSEC in some manner, please send me a message at sigflipsthetable@gmail.com and I will remove it right away.



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